Aircrew Security Training (Initial and Recurrent)

The Aircrew Security Training Course follows the mandatory conditions and syllabus set down by the Department for Transport (DfT) in the UK National Aviation Security Training Programme and is delivered over one day for initial training and half a day for recurrent. Provision of this training is mandatory for any aircrew operating on UK registered qualifying aircraft.

For initial training, there is a practical assessment as well as a written assessment, and a written assessment for recurrent training.

Please note : Recurrent training can be run either in your premises or remotely via conference calling software. Please , contact us for details.

Course aims

To ensure aircrew of UK registered qualifying aircraft have the relevant aviation security skills and knowledge to allow them to carry out their duties effectively.

To ensure that aircrew of UK registered qualifying aircraft understand the legal framework of aviation security and the current threat and are aware of the wider security issues.

Course Objective

For aircrew of UK registered qualifying aircraft to learn about the security context and requirements within which they will operate.

The training consists of the following seven modules and aims:

1 – The Threat to Aviation: To ensure the trainees know the importance of the threat to the aviation industry.

2 – International and National Objectives of Aviation Security and Legislation: To ensure the trainees know how international agreements fit with national and local organisation of aviation security.

3 – General Security Awareness: For the trainee to recognise their personal responsibility in contributing to aviation security.

4 – Searching / Checking Aircraft: For trainees to be able to perform an aircraft security search / check.

5 – Protecting Aircraft: To ensure trainees are able to protect aircraft from unauthorised access.

6 – Prohibited Articles: To ensure trainees know their responsibility in relation to prohibited articles.

7 – Onboard Security: To ensure trainees are able to manage security onboard.

Following assessment, successful participants will be certified according to the requirements of the DfT