At Three Greens we take time to produce training programmes that are relevant and engaging for our participants.

We value feedback from all of our clients, and use the comments to improve future courses and to build on our strengths.

Here are some of the comments from recent participants of our training:

‘It was fun, and I learned new things’

‘Trainer made clear with Module Plan and provided the BEST knowledge, everything excellent’

'The visual PowerPoint, very well created’

‘Learned new things like regulation documents and sources of information. I’m more informed about organising and teaching techniques. I consider the training to be very useful and organised.’

‘It was informative and very user-friendly. I thought the trainer did a great job. I have to be honest, I was not looking forward to this course, but actually enjoyed it greatly! Thank you!!’

‘Well structured with good evidence. Look forward to further training with Three Greens’

‘In depth training, which gave me good understanding knowledge’

‘Useful and practical’

‘Fun spin on a dry topic’

‘Informative and up to date information’

‘Professional and pleasant presentation’

‘Refreshing presentation’

‘Very clear’

‘Training tailored to our specific operation’