Aircrew Instructor Training

The Aircrew Security Instructor Training Course is delivered over two days. This training is designed in line with local and national requirements for any person instructing aircrew security to aircrew operating on the State’s registered qualifying aircraft.

Please note : If authorised by your regulator, this course can be run either in your premises or remotely via conference calling software. Please , contact us for details.

Course Aims

To provide instructors of aircrew with relevant skills and knowledge to train aircrew to allow them to carry out their duties effectively.

To ensure that aircrew understand the legal framework of aviation security and the current threat and are aware of the wider security issues.

Course Objective

To effectively instruct aircrew to understand about the security context and requirements within which they will operate, and to fully understand their role in security.

The training consists of the following eight modules and aims:

1 – Aircrew Security Instructor Module

2 - The Threat to Aviation

3 – International and National Objectives of Aviation Security and Legislation

4 – General Security Awareness

5 – Searching / Checking Aircraft

6 – Protecting Aircraft

7 – Prohibited Articles

8 – Onboard Security